Our Story

Kota & Hunter McKinney--owners & operators of BTDT coffee & tea truck.

Hello! Welcome! We are so glad you are here!

For now, we will do a brief introduction so that you can see who the heck is running the show. ❤️

For our followers who already know us, you know us! We are just a young couple ready to take on the dang world.

For new followers on the journey, I hope you're excited, because you just found your new favorite coffee duo!

Kota and Hunter have worked in coffee for a combined total of 10 years.

You may recognize Kota from Green Bean Coffeehouse in Spearfish and/or Harriet & Oak in Rapid City. Kota has basically done it all--barista, assistant manager, and manager.

Hunter got roped into the coffee world by Kota. He worked at both locations, too. He was mainly in the kitchen at H&O, and kinda prefers to be the "behind the scenes" one. He also roasted coffee for Oak Roasters! He's the practical one that keeps Kota's feet on the ground when she gets carried away.

Kota used to always joke or mention wanting to start a coffee truck when she first began working at Green Bean. Every now and then, this topic pops up in our day-to-day conversation. However, we were both full-time students. Then, Kota pursued my love of education, completed her master's degree, and began teaching, and Hunter pursued his engineering degree. We didn't have time and the idea kept being put aside.

After some hard truths, Kota's struggles with her mental health, and Hunter's willingness to support Kota in whatever crazy endeavor she pursues, the idea is no longer being put aside. We are ready to bring our love for each other, coffee, and our community into action.

We love you all!

-Kota & Hunter McKinney